Kempen & Co is a specialist merchant bank and asset manager delivering outstanding results in those sectors we call home. And while we may not do everything, we are truly the best at what we do. 
So if you are looking for an active financial partner, one that makes things happen, you’ve arrived.
Kempen & Co makes things happen. Welcome.

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KLECF receives Morningstar Rating Gold

Kempen (Lux) Euro Credit Fund has garnered the highest Morningstar Analyst Rating of Gold. Within the Euro corporate bond category, it is the only fund to have received a Gold rating. More about the Gold rating of KLECF >

Fiduciary Management

Kempen Capital Management offers a hands-on solution that relieves clients of day-to-day asset management activities: Fiduciary Management. This involves a comprehensive solution created around clientspecific objectives, ensuring that our clients are always in control. Read more>

Kempen Insight

A characteristic of the Fundamental Indexing portfolio is that it will tend to sell what is popular, and therefore expensive. It will rebalance towards stocks which markets don’t like and which are often over-sold, while the fundamentals haven’t really changed that much... Read more: Kempen Insight