Kempen Capital Management (‘Kempen’) is a specialist fiduciary manager working with pension funds and other, long-term institutional investors. 


Fiduciary management

We are guided by the principle that our clients have entrusted us with crucial tasks and responsibilities, which requires us to be competent, reliable and to have complete oversight. Our teams are experienced in tackling the challenges pension funds face today. They draw on a solid history of successful collaboration with trustees, sponsoring employers and advisors.   


Trustees are increasingly seeking more innovative solutions…


Regulatory change and comprehensive scheme management weigh down on…


Fiduciary management is increasingly chosen as an effective response to … 


Kempen Capital Management appoints Guy Beech to lead family office business

14 June 2017

Kempen Capital Management (Kempen) is pleased to announce the appointment of Guy Beech as Director Business Development Family Offices to lead Kempen’s drive into the UK family office segment.


May-be not. Conservatives lose gamble.

09 June 2017

Six weeks ago Theresa May was expected to win a landslide majority.  The reality has turned out to be very different.

Financial and betting markets had widely expected and priced in a comfortable Tory majority in yesterday’s General Election, ignoring the narrowing of polling data in the final weeks and days of the campaigns – and perhaps counting upon a repeat of the surprisingly consistent recent polling error bias in favour of the Tories (the so called “shy Tory” phenomenon).  This however appears to be have been overshadowed by a record turnout of young people voting Labour. Consequently, the result of a hung parliament has had an impact.


Monthly Commentary – April edition

17 May 2017

There seems to be a conspiracy at the moment amongst European leaders to ensure that as soon as one election is completed another is announced.  So far this year we have had elections in Holland, Presidential elections in France and most recently a surprise announcement of a UK election in June.  However, more interesting things have been happening in the background.


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