Is your pension fund still fighting fit?


Nicholas Clapp
Business Development Director

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You don't need us to tell you that the world of pension funds is changing fast. Investment is an increasingly complex and regulated specialism. Decisions need to be taken faster. Many schemes fear a growing funding gap. Markets are low-yield yet still volatile...

All of which means your role as a trustee is also changing. To manage your fund effectively, you need real-time insight into the performance of your pension scheme, so you can act as an effective sparring partner to your sponsors.

Ironically, because the financial world has become so demanding, treasury and finance departments are often unable to offer trustees the same support in terms of resources and expertise they once did. No surpirse then, that many trustees tell us they worry whether their pension fund is still on the right track and equally importantly, set up to deal with any fresh challenges tomorrow may bring.

We believe the only way to really answer that question is to seek an expert second opinion. 


Our experts evaluate your governance structure and current investment strategy, including your asset allocation and risk profile, and consider how these would evolve under a capital management mandate.

Summarising our findings in a clear, incisive report that highlights both the positive points and areas for concern.

The report will also lay out the costs for capital management, giving you a benchmark against which to compare your current costs.

Occasionally we're delighted to be able to tell an organisation their fund has passed the health check with flying colours and to simply carry on as before. But more often we're able to identify areas where you can make significant improvements, whether or not that includes capital management.

Is your pension fund still fit to purpose?