What we do

Fiduciary management commonly refers to the integrated management of a pension scheme’s assets relative to its liabilities.
Fiduciary management is our core business. Other factors that make us stand out are our open architecture and core values which are aligned with clients’ best interests.
We deliver tailored solutions to suit large and small schemes, making us an ideal partner for pension trustees and corporate sponsors wishing to delegate investment activities to a trusted provider.

Advisor overview

Fiduciary management is increasingly chosen as an effective response to the heavier burden trustees and sponsors need to shoulder as the issues facing their schemes multiply. A further challenge is choosing the right solution from an ever-expanding number of providers.

We work with advisors across the full pension spectrum including investment consultants, actuaries and lawyers. You may be exploring what fiduciary management can do for clients in full or partially-delegated form. This could take the form of a mandate, project or specific asset class expertise, all areas in which we have a demonstrable track record.

The role of third-party oversight or procurement consultants has also become more visible as the practice of fiduciary management becomes more complex. We work closely with these specialists as they assess, test and, ultimately, recommend a provider to a pension scheme client, be they trustee or sponsoring employer. We fully support this kind of informed interaction, which helps everyone gain a transparent view of the performance, focus and approach they can expect from their fiduciary manager and how it meets their increasingly individual needs.

We are seeing increasing interest in fiduciary management from smaller pension funds who previously, through traditional barriers such as cost and complexity, have been unable to access this service. We have taken innovative steps to ensure the solutions formerly suitable only for larger schemes can now be applied to a wider range of schemes both directly and through partnerships with advisors.


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