What we do

Fiduciary management commonly refers to the integrated management of a pension scheme’s assets relative to its liabilities.
Fiduciary management is our core business. Other factors that make us stand out are our open architecture and core values which are aligned with clients’ best interests.
We deliver tailored solutions to suit large and small schemes, making us an ideal partner for pension trustees and corporate sponsors wishing to delegate investment activities to a trusted provider.

Trustee overview

Trustees are increasingly seeking more innovative solutions. We give you clear sight and firm control of your scheme’s strategic objectives. We will support you in the decisions that ultimately affect your members. Our main goal is built around these principles.

• Matching assets to liabilities. We look at the whole picture, not just a partial view.

• Risk management. We establish the level of risk with which you are comfortable and tailor strategy to the requirements of your scheme.

• Speed of decision-making. The governance put in place means we make nimble, timely and considered decisions.

• Speed of execution. Our day-to-day experience of markets and the investment environment means we move swiftly and safely on your behalf.

• Governance. With you, we craft the mechanisms, processes and relationships to control and direct the investment management of your scheme. Getting this right is fundamental to success.


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