Culture at Kempen

Company information: Van Lanschot Kempen
The story behind Van Lanschot and Kempen is a fascinating one. It is a story of people with guts, energetic and intelligent people who are determined to be successful. It is a story about people who exceed expectations, take responsibility, carefully consider opportunities they identify and subsequently capitalize on them, people with an entrepreneurial spirit and an unwavering passion for their work. Candidates who fit this description can expect to be given every opportunity within our company. This is where the magic happens!

We are a specialized and independent asset management company with a strong focus on wealth retention, wealth protection and wealth creation for our clients. Our strength lies in the special, strong relationships that our reputable brands, Van Lanschot and Kempen , have with private and institutional clients. Private banking, asset management and merchant banking are the areas in which we excel and in which we differentiate ourselves by the personal attention we give our clients, as well as our expertise and experience.

Company information: Kempen
Kempen fosters an open culture that consistently provides young talents with every opportunity to make an impact in the organization early on in their career. Kempen offers challenging career opportunities to courageous and ambitious finance professionals with a common sense view and the ability to stand their ground at boardroom level. Candidates who fit this description can expect to be given ample space and support to reach their full potential. Kempen is an employer of choice with over a century of experience, and has developed into a leading merchant bank specializing in asset management, corporate finance, securities broking, and private equity. We excel in our services and take pride in our excellence!

This pride is the founding block of our culture. We stand by our word and do what we say we will, with total commitment to our clients, and fully focused on being the best at what we do!

About Kempen Capital Management
Kempen Capital Management (KCM) is a specialized asset management company with offices in several countries. At KCM, we focus on delivering stellar investment returns for our clients. Our sharp investment vision has led us to a select group of strategies that place us among the top of our international league in small caps and real estate, as well as high-yield stocks, fixed-income investments and funds of hedge funds. In addition, we offer fiduciary asset management services, developing comprehensive solutions tailored to meet client-specific objectives.

Our offer
From the minute you join us, we will challenge you to make a difference. In return, we offer a generous employee benefits package, including a competitive salary, a performance-related bonus, a 13th month, a group pension plan and a group medical insurance plan, and travel expenses reimbursement or an annual public transport pass. We provide a great working environment with personal and professional training opportunities to develop your career. At Kempen, we value our employees and reward them by offering excellent career opportunities to those who know how to seize them.

Selection procedure
Kempen strives to be the best employer in the financial services sector, on a national as well as international level. Our ambition is to be a world-class player in our disciplines and to maintain lasting business relationships with our clients. If you feel that this is a mission you would like to rally behind and if this sounds like your kind of working environment, please apply now, as we always welcome enthusiastic and motivated candidates.

Step 1: ApplicationApplying for a job at Kempen is easy. Simply select the vacancy you are looking for and submit your CV, motivation letter and grading list online via our website. Clicking the ‘Apply now’ button is your first step towards an exciting career!

Step 2: Screening
We will carefully review your CV and motivation letter. Subsequently, we will inform you within two weeks whether you will be invited for an initial meeting. If so, we will contact you to arrange this meeting.

Step 3: The first round 
The first round is an introduction meeting with relevant team members that will take about 60 minutes. The next meeting will be a 30-minute interview with one of the recruiters. This will help us to assess your suitability for the job and whether your professional personality will fit in well with the company culture.

Step 4: Online assessment (optional, not part of all procedures)
If the first interview proves successful, you may be asked to complete an online assessment. This will consist of a personality questionnaire and a competence test, and is mainly used within Kempen Capital Management.

Step 5: The second round
In the second round, we will discuss the job description in greater detail. This usually involves a series of three 60-minute interviews. During this round, you will meet several of your (presumably) future colleagues and you will get to see a business case or presentation. (All relevant information will be provided in advance.)

Step 6: Job offer
If the recruitment process is successful, we will make you a competitive offer of employment. Once you have accepted the offer and signed the contract, we will be happy to welcome you to our team!




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