Kempen Masterclass 2018 – Growing towards high-rising value 

24 and 25 May 2018. Are you ready to work hard in a team of fellow students and deliver high-rising value? We offer you a chance to experience what it’s like to work at Kempen, a merchant bank that gives all clients our signature high-level attention and expertise. A full two day programme which will test all your talents and demand the most of you.  



How do keep ahead of the pack? 

The economy is moving in a rapid pace. Merchant banks are doing well. What does Kempen have to do to keep ahead of the pack? This is the main question you and a team of others have to answer during this Masterclass. You’ll spend two days working on several business cases together with other participants, listening to presentations, and getting introduced to the various aspects of our work. 

Learn the things they didn’t teach you in University 

Two days of heated debate and in-depth discussion at boardroom level. You will get a taste of what the business is really like. You’ll learn the things they didn’t teach you at the University about corporate finance, asset management, securities, sales and research. The programme offers every opportunity to discuss and exchange views with other participants and our associates. In addition to the formal training programme, the itinerary includes a special programme and an overnight stay. 

Application closed at April 9 

 The application for this Masterclass was closed at Monday 9th April 2018. 

For more information you can contact our recruitment team by sending an email to 



Emily Lageveen

Mijn naam is Emily Lageveen en ik ben verantwoordelijk voor de invulling van alle stagiair(e) en junior vacatures bij Kempen.

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